[09-06-2017] Updates and Changes

Current and future changes are all here, noted by the game developer.
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[09-06-2017] Updates and Changes

Postby Heraeus Thu Sep 07, 2017 2:08 pm

Good day, Adventurers!

First of all, we would like to inform you guys that the server maintenance is over.
There might be a lot of questions you have there, like:
Question 1: Why is this server maintenance go through 3-days straight?
Answer: For the sake of everyone's concern, here's the answer to your question. The server did undergone a full one day server migration from our old host to the new one which accommodates larger capacity for everyone without experiencing lag spikes, disconnections and etc.

Question 2: Why whole day if we can achieve it by just less than a day?
Answer: We did it whole day since we got plenty of files to transfer and we do handle your account data with care, no items that are deleted and etc. Your accounts are all secured.

Question: What about the remaining 2 days?
Answer: We did a lot of updates which you can see the lists below :sexy: , and further testings to avoid bugs to occur.

And because of that 3-day-maintenance which interrupts your farming, leveling and such, we did gave compensatory items for everyone, *isn't it great?*

So here's the full list of the Updates and Bug Fixes:

Bug Fixes:
- Wise Old Woman (decard NPC bug)
- Free for All

- [NEW] Added 3 custom skills
    - Auto Attack System for High Priest
      - requires 1 blue gemstone to cast
    - Fire Ivy for High Wizard
      - requires 1 red gemstone to cast
    - Create Nugget for Stalker
      - requires 1 yellow gemstone to cast
- [New] Time Play Event (prontera 165, 174)
- [New] Desilate One Event (prontera 146, 168)
- [New] Cleaning Event (prontera 155, 147)
- [New] Chicken Hunt Event
- [New] Lotti Girl (prontera 142, 230)
- [NEW] WoE NPCs *preparation for the upcoming WoE Event*
    - Emperium Ranking NPC (prontera 139, 227)
    - WoE NPC (prontera 139, 171)
- Vending Hall *can be accessible through Warper NPC under Special Area section
- Added @go command restriction
    - Cannot be used if on "die" status
    - Cannot be used when on jail
- Added Healer on Novice Training Garden
- Lower down mob spawn rates on Novice Training Garden
- Removed 250-255 Quest, Renamed the quest as "Skyrealm Map Access" Quest
    - Players can now go through leveling from 250-255 without any interruptions, players who already did the quest no longer have to repeat the quest for "Skyrealm Map Access" Quest.

    - Question: What's the purpose of doing the quest for "Skyrealm Map Access"?
    - Answer: We will be adding contents in there in the future that needs its access. *You guys better do the quest as early as now*

- Guild Experience can now be acquired to proceed to Guild Level 50
- Homunculus can now be raised to 255
- Monster Hunt Monster boost damage
- Drop rates changed to customized

Automated Event Schedule:
Note: Time Schedule is based on the server time.
- Chicken Hunt Event:
    - 01:30
    - 04:30
    - 07:30
    - 10:30
    - 13:30
    - 16:30
    - 19:30
    - 22:30
- Free for All Event
    - 02:30
    - 05:30
    - 08:30
    - 11:30
    - 14:30
    - 17:30
    - 20:30
    - 23:30
- Desilate One
    - 00:30
    - 12:30
- Monster Hunt
    - 03:30
    - 09:30
    - 15:30
    - 21:30
- Treasure Box Event
    - Hourly
- Frenzy Time (Floating Rates)
    - 1 Hour Interval from activation

There are still alot more to update for the upcoming days :lv:

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