Novice Quest Guide

This may serve as a guide notes for everyone.
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Novice Quest Guide

Postby Heraeus Wed Aug 23, 2017 1:39 am

The SkyrealmRO Novice Quest

Hello everyone!
For those newbie out there looking for a guide through the novice quest, please do following this path:

Step 1:
You must talk to the Training Coordinator before crossing the bridge, or else those guards won't let you in.

Step 2:
Cross the bridge and enter the castle, your training coordinator is waiting for you inside.

Step 3:
Once you're done, you will be warped to Novice Training Garden, talk to your training coordinator and he will be giving you task to do.

Step 4:
Find Heimdall under the tree, talk to him and he will be giving you instructions what to do.
Once you receive the novice set, wear them and consume the potion.

Step 5:
Level up your character to Base Level 10.
Once done, talk to your training coordinator to finish the quest.

Last Step:
You can now enter the portal on the upper right part of the map and start your adventure.

Horaaay! Novice Quest is done and you did it well!
This guide was written and gathered by GM-Chino :lv: credits goes to him

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