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Postby seven11 Tue Sep 12, 2017 6:23 pm

hey there gm/admin/dev

please implement drop of card item the only working is mimic card

gargoyle card = box of thunder
hermit plant card = herbs excpt blue herb
raydric archer card = Box of resentment
galapago cap = anodyne
Blazzer card = random foods items(ex. grape juice,bao,apple etc.)
Rudolph Red Nose = cookie bag
Love Flower Hat = seed(non tradable)
ameryer dinze card(ung merchant s bio2) = vit+3 foods
dragon egg card = int+3 foods
anopheles card = agi+3 foods
baroness of retribution card = luk+3 foods
li me mangryang card(bsta ung prang pusa s louyang) = Box of Sunlight

cloud hermit card = box of gloom
orc archer card = box of panting
Gremlin Card = str+3 foods
grove card = dex+3 foods
mimic card = obb :lv:
plasma card = fire/water/earth/wind resist
sleeper card = box of drowsiness
stem worm card = box of storms
wraith card = giggling box

thank you more power gm/admin/dev :meh:
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Re: CARD Drop

Postby Heraeus Sat Sep 23, 2017 4:16 am


Thank you! :lv:

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